Resumen de producto
  • ISO 16890: Coarse 70%, ePM10 70%
  • Low pressure drop
  • High dustholding capacity (DHC)
  • Available in Antimicrobial treated meda
  • Carb filter suited for odor removal

Pleated Panel filters with self-supporting characteristics that allow a pleating pattern, which promotes airflow and maximizes dust holding capacity (DHC). Lower pressure drop and higher DHC means reductions in energy consumption and operating costs.

RedPleat Coarse 70% and RedPleat ePM10 70% panel filters are ideal for protecting more expensive secondary air filters from premature dust loading and replacement. As primary filters, they also help reduce HVAC maintenance costs by preventing unnecessary dust build-up on coils, fans and duct work.

RedPleat Ultra Coarse 70% Antimicrobial treated media

RedPleat Carb effectively removes offensive odors. It is the ideal indoor air quality solution for facilities seeking relief from irritating odors.

RedPleat HT are designed for use in high temperature applications up to 260 °C.

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Schools & Universities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Museum & Historic Storage
  • Airports
  •  Surface Treatment
ISO 16890 Coarse 70%, ePM10 70%
EN779:2012 G4
Media filtrante Sintético, Fibra de vidrio, Carbón
Material del marco Plástico, Cartó troquelado metal
Temperatura de funcionamiento máxima 40°C, 65°C, 260°C